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Stretch Denim Mens Jeans

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Stretch Denim Mens Jeans


Available in a variety of sizes
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  • SKU: SWE-RM110SD


  • Weight - 13.75 OZ Stone wash denim
  • 98% Cotton 2% Elastane
  • Superior garment assembly, twin needle stitching, rivets and bar tacks for extra strength
  • Market Leading YKK Zipper
  • Designed for comfort and style
  • UPF 50+ meets Australian standard AS/NZS 4399:2017
  • Sizing definitions - R=Regular / S=Stout / L=Long
Option Choices
Colours Blue
Sizes - Mens Pants 102R, 102S, 107R, 107S, 112R, 112S, 117S, 122S, 127S, 132S, 72R, 77R, 79L, 82R, 84L, 87R, 87S, 89L, 92R, 92S, 94L, 97R, 97S


SIZE 72R 77R 82R 87R 92R 97R 102R 107R 112R
WAIST 72 CM 77 CM 82 CM 87 CM 92 CM 97 CM 102 CM 107 CM 112 CM
INSIDE LEG 77 CM 79 CM 87 CM 83 CM 85 CM 86 CM 88 CM 88 CM 88 CM


SIZE 87S 92S 97S 102S 107S 112S 117S 122S 127S 132S
WAIST 87 CM 92 CM 97 CM 102 CM 107 CM 112 CM 117 CM 122 CM 127 CM 132 CM
INSIDE LEG 76 CM 78 CM 80 CM 82 CM 84 CM 85 CM 86 CM 86 CM 86 CM 86 CM


SIZE 79L 84L 89L 94L
WAIST 79 CM 84 CM 89 CM 94 CM
INSIDE LEG 84 CM 86 CM 88 CM 90 CM

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we accept orders of all sizes.

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We will deliver your order anywhere within Australia.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes. A bulk order will be at least 30 units of any one item and will be eligible for a discount.

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